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"The creative thrill of collaborative art making is the perpetual exploration of the unpredictable"

The Paint Bar is created both as mobile mutant vehicle art piece and as collaborative public arts experience. 

" I have seen firsthand the enormous transformative  power of personal, creative,  and social metamorphosis of the arts—in the lives of individuals, in communities, and even in society at large.

Burning Man itself as City and Culture born, based, and built as " Art" ( Form WITH function) is transformative in  it's nature in the world around us, in each of us,  and the world   WE create in Black Rock City.  

The Paint Bar Art Car AND  Burning Man are all about the transformative power of art and The Arts ( in general) for all  who have the opportunity, desire, curiosity , willingness, passion to engage and participate. 

Our intent is to provide this mobile platform of collaborative creativity metamorphosis and engagement with and through the arts.


  Collaborative Public Art  With Everyone  

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