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The ARTwalls we do at Corporate events,  Holiday  Events , Annual Offsites, Conferences, Corporate Team Building events are always fun, engaging, thought provoking, relaxing, and inspiring.  They are always a collectifve visual dialogue incorporating everyones painted or written voice in a visual masterpiece of collaboration with each other and  the lead artist. 

We work with our clients to set a n ARTwall theme for  programing and  the team or teams etc.. to think about and respond too with writing or painting in their individual "spaces" in each design.  Usually a 4 hour mimimum event, a full day , night, weekend, or week depending on what we are doing. 


We bring the artwall, all the paints, brushes, aprons, hand sanitizer, music. Everything but the food and beverages. The only requirement is a desire to participate.


Clients have an opportunity to engage with us to purchase the mural.  In those cases we cover the mobile artwall in primed canvas and then we all think, share,  paint  and collaborate together with our facilitation. 


Afterwards, we take the finished canvas to be trimmed edges and pole pockets sewn.  When its all done we come deliver it and install it hopefully with your facilities manager.    


  Collaborative Public Art  With Everyone  

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